Turkish American Ladies League had its Annual Membership & Election Tea on Sunday, January 19, 2020. Our ever generous host Nevin Senkan kindly opened their beautiful residence for this event. Over 40 TALL members and guests from near and far attended and enjoyed homemade tea delicacies made by the host and the board members.

The board members explained all the distribution of donations in US and Turkey during 2019. Followed by electing the new board member who Sibel Kantarcı filled the empty position. We welcome Sibel to the 2020 Board of Directors.

We had two writers who kindly donated the proceeds of the sales of their books to TALL. Latife Warshawsky and Elif Kask gave insight about their books to the members and guests followed by book signing.

We thank our host Nevin Senkan for her kind hospitality. We also thank Ms. Warshawsky for her long time support to TALL. Additionally we thank Ms. Kask for her kind support. Last but not least we are thankful to our members and supporters. Because of your donations TALL is successfully reaches many hearts.

We look forward to see all of you in our new upcoming events. Please mark your calendars for TALL’s fun filled Casino Night on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at Crown Plaza in Redondo Beach.

TALL Board