Sibel Kantarcı, Co-President

Sibel Kantarcı


Sibel Kantarcı is an American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ABMGG)-certified Clinical Molecular Geneticist and Clinical Cytogeneticist. After completing her research fellowship at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY and clinical fellowships at Harvard Medical School (HMS), MA, she became a faculty at HMS in 2007. She moved to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as a faculty 2012. She has currently been working as Senior Director at Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute since 2017. In addition to her TALL activities, she is Vice President of Galatasaray California, a non-profit organization.

Asuman Yilmaz, Treasurer

Asuman Yılmaz


Asuman is a Software Quality Assurance Manager at Simsci-Esscor and has been in the industry for 30 years. She made Orange County her home with her husband Deniz and two kids. She has been involved with different positions of ATASC and TALL since founded in 2003.



Zinnur Güvenç

Public Relations

Zinnur Güvenç is an incumbent member. She is currently working at the Irvine Unified School District. She is actively involved with her children’s activities and volunteers for many events. She has been an active member of the Turkish American community since 1985. She is happy to be back to TALL and looking forward to a successful year.

Sema Karaoğlu

Public Relations

Sema Karaoğlu was born in Cyprus. She has been active in the Turkish American community for many years and also actively promotes Turkish Americans and Turks through her Facebook groups.

Aydan Atrek, Secretary

Aydan Atrek


Aydan has a M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering. She lives in Orange County with her husband and two children. She worked at Turkish School in Bay Area for several years.

Guner Ayter, Board Member

Güner Ayter


Güner is a graduate of Stanford University with a M.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering. She worked for Hewlett Packard Company in San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Southern California in 2006.
Since then, Güner has volunteered in many TALL and ATASC activities and served on the TALL Board before moving to Europe briefly.  She is happy to be back and looking forward to a successful year.

Ruhsar Boduryan, Member in Large

Ruhsar Boduryan


Ruhsar worked as an accountant several years in Istanbul, Turkey. She has been living in Los Angeles with her family since 1998. She has been involved with and supported numerous TALL functions over the years as an active volunteer.

Aytül Korkmaz


Aytül studied Business Administration and held financial positions in various private companies in Turkey. She moved to California after her retirement with her husband and son. In the early years of her career, she was a member of the Soroptimist Club, a voluntary organization aimed at empowering women and girls economically. She is very proud to be a member of TALL Board and ready to support the organization at the highest level.

Dilek Alkan

Member At Large

My career began more than 30 years ago as a Registered Nurse. My passion to help others allowed me to advance my career into specializing in Wound Care Nursing. Over the years I spent my time volunteering in many organizations, and learned that I’m the most fulfilled when helping others. I thrive in social environments and love interacting with people. In my spare time I enjoy being active somewhere in nature, taking pictures of the ocean, hiking trails in SoCal, and overall living in the moment.

Elçim Alpan, Immediate past President

Elçim Elly Alpan

Member At Large

Elçim has a MBA degree in Finance. She is the Founder & President of Prep to College, a full-service Education Consultant for admission to colleges and private boarding high schools & prep schools in the USA. Previously, she was the President of Gourmet Shuttle, Inc., the event planning and marketing company. Elçim previously also worked in the financial management team of FHP Healthcare. She also served in various non-profit and fund-raising organizations; including as the Past President and Board Member of Turkish Americans Ladies League, California Representative of Phillips Academy Andover Parent Fund, President of Leo Club International, and Board Member of ATASC & Teacher at ATASC School, Board Member of TAAC, Member of National Charity League, and Parent Teacher Association. She brings several years of business, non-profit, fund-raising, and event planning experience to TALL board.