On Saturday March 16th, over 60 guests from the Turkish American community of Southern California came together at Laguna Altura Clubhouse for a special event in recognition of International Women’s Day hosted by Turkish American Ladies League (TALL). Dozens of Turkish Americans of Southern California enjoyed an informative afternoon.

The event started with streaming videos of messages from TALL’s three scholarship recipients at Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği (ÇYDD) in Istanbul.

Up next was an exciting lecture on Historical Wonders of Turkey. The lecture was given by one of TALL’s biggest supporters and friend Engin Kadaster. As an archaeologist and the owner of one of the most prestigious tour companies Turkey At Its Best, Engin has a wealth of knowledge about Turkey. She is an amazing presenter and delivers popular and fascinating lectures on Turkish archaeological sites and history. Engin talked about the 16 Unesco World Heritage Sites in Turkey including Historical Areas of Istanbul, Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği, Hattusha the Hittite Capital, Mount Nemrut, Xanthos-Letoon, City of Safranbolu, Archaeological Site of Troy, Selimiye Mosque and Social Complex, Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük, Bursa and Cumalıkızık: Birth of Ottoman Empire, Pergamum and its Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape, Ephesus, Diyarbakır Fortress and Hevsel Gardens Cultural Landscape, Archaeological Site of Ani, Aphrodisias, Göbekli Tepe. Engin also talked about two other sites that are considered as Cultural and Natural Wonders, Göreme National Park and the RockSites of Cappadocia, and Hierapolis-Pamukkale. The TALL board is thankful to Engin for her contributions on this special day and highly appreciates all of her support for TALL.

In honor of International Women’s Day, all the funds raised this day as a result of our guests’ generous donations will directly benefit Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği (ÇYDD). ÇYDD is an organization that aims to fight gender discrimination and increase literacy of women in Turkey to carry Turkey above contemporary civilization level.

As the members of the TALL Board of Directors, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our members and guests that are always there to support us.