TALL Mother’s Day early celebration was held at Boduryan Residence in Granada Hills on April 30, 2022.  It was a delightful afternoon tea party attended by our members and TALL supporters from the Turkish American community of Southern California.

The celebration was held to raise money for TODEV (Türkiye Otistiklere Destek ve Eğitim Vakfı), supporting autistic children and their families in Turkey. We would like to extend our gratitude to all contributors and members who joined our event with their generous donations.

The TALL President gave a brief overview to our guests about our recent activities and donations. She congratulated all our guests’ and members’ Mother’s Day with a small gift, ‘yazma (traditional Turkish scarf)’.

We took the opportunity to recognize our former president Naime Berkoz for her ongoing support to TALL. An appreciation plaque was presented to Naime for her dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work.

Mary Kay representative Leanne Pheasant demonstrated make-up techniques and some beauty secrets to our beautiful guests. She kindly donated a portion of the sales to our cause.

As the members of the TALL Board, we are very grateful to all our sponsors, members and guests who support us unconditionally. We thank our host Ruhsar Boduryan and her family for their hospitality.

We look forward to gathering again at our next event. Enjoy your summer!

Sibel Kantarcı, President

On behalf of TALL Board