SisterGabiofSanJoseCommunityCenterHi Leyla,+

Wow … the tables arrived last Friday! How wonderful!!!  Many thanks to you and your wonderful ladies club.

I want to send you a tax ID letter.  I need your American Turkish Ladies Club address.  Please be so kind as to send that information to Margie Patterson’s email address which I put in the Cc: above along with an invoice for her.  She is our secretary for our San Jose Community & Bea Main Learning Center for Students with Disabilities.

I wasn’t here in my office when the tables arrived but our receptionist had them put in my office.  There are 10 tables total.  What a tremendous gift you have all made possible for our computer learning center.  May God’s abundant blessings shower each of you with love and kindness as you work together to continue to help those most in need. My love and prayers accompany you.  I so appreciate your thoughtfulness to our most needy kids.

Please be so kind as to convey my grateful heart of thanks to your Ladies Club.  This is a big endevour which many of us are contiually working towards.  Soon we will have our web page up and running and I will let you know when that will be completed.

Again, thank you for all that you are doing for communities in need.

Lots of love,

Sister Gabi