Turkish American Ladies League (TALL) brought Turkish American Community of Southern California together again on April 29th. Over 40 Turkish Americans of Southern California enjoyed an afternoon filled with fun and joy!

The Ince-Scott Family generously opened their beautiful home and their hearts to the guests. It was a beautiful sunny Southern California day. We all were able to soak the sun as we enjoyed the best of the Turkish cuisine! We were glad to meet with new faces and would like to continue to see all the lovely ladies in our future events. As always, everyone looked very chic, elegant and beautiful.

Zinnur, the President of TALL opened the meeting by sharing the vision of the organization as well as how the donations are used with our charities, in detail.

Naime Berköz talked about her wonderful experiences visiting various schools around Turkey. She and her family personally handpicked computers, projections and other electronics and hand delivered them. She encouraged everyone to experience this at least once in their lifetime.

Ruhsar shared her own experience traveling to a very small town near Çankırı, Turkey and how she was so graciously greeted by the school and the joy she saw in the kids’ faces. One of them even challenged her why she arrived so late as they have been waiting for her since that morning!

Elçim shared her joyous experience meeting the students of Çağdaş Yaşam and how rewarding it was.

All in all, it was a very joyous and memorable afternoon!

We give our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the Ince-Scott family and all our members and guests who support us unconditionally.

Look forward to seeing everyone at our next event…