Turkish American Ladies League (TALL) brought Turkish American Community of Southern California together again on December 1st. About 50 in attendance enjoyed an afternoon filled with fun and joy! Everything and everyone looked very festive in observance of the upcoming Holiday Season.

The Bolulu Family generously opened their beautiful home and their hearts to the guests. It gets dangerously delicious when our BOD ladies get creative with their cooking. Our hostess dear Fersun Bolulu outdid everyone with her own cooking.

We were glad to host new friends in addition to our very loyal members. We are delighted to see our member list growing and have greater attendance at our events.

Zinnur, the President of TALL opened the meeting by sharing the vision of the organization as well as how the donations are used with our charities. The guest loudly cheered when Zinnur announced that we are educating 15 students of Cağdaş Yaşam in addition to all our other charities in the US and in Turkey.

There were two back to back presentations: Bige Erdoğan introduced DoTerra Essential oil line. It is clear that essential oils have multiple purposes and benefits.

The featured presentation was an encore by popular demand – Leanne Parrino Pheasant had a great display of Mary Kay products. Our guests were able to pick and choose some beautiful products. We are grateful that she will share 20% of her profits with TALL on an on-going basis. Thank you for your generosity Leanne…

While the nature of our events are always for fund raising for our charities, we also intend for these events to be an opportunity for our members and guests to get together, socialize and benefit by our presenters. We believe this event was another one which served the purpose.

What a way to close 2018! On our way to even a greater year in 2019…

We give our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation one more time to the Bolulu family and all our members and guests who support us unconditionally.